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a tattoo person first!

i have heard all manner of tattoo comments over the years. i've had people straight up grab my arm, and i've hit people in the face with my shoulder because their faces were that close to my back looking at my cross (though never on purpose, they were sneaky).

the other day i was at borders looking at their clearance books when this old man came up to me. he says "WOW!!! is that a stick-on or a real tattoo!?" *looking at the haunted mansion tattoo on my arm*. i was in a short sleeve top so all that was visible was the gator and the girls' legs.

he seemed really excited so i smiled and said "no it's real". then he got all anal and angry looking and said "MY GOD! i mean what will you do when you have children?!"

let me stop there and say i've NEVER heard this one. i've heard "did that hurt?" "can i touch it?" "why the hell would you want that?" but never his question. it caught me so off guard that i said "i will use it to scare their friends". he just walked away.

i mean i had no clue what to say! people always amuse me :P
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