The Wondrous Katie Kat (twilight_melody) wrote,
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Come one, come all to gainesville!

Hey gainesvillians! I just got word that the AMAZING show Patrick and i just saw is stopping back by gainesville on March 7th! Doors at 9 show at 10.

The Hellzapoppin Sideshow Revue is coming back to gainesville and they're playin at Double Down Live (old common grounds).

The whole group are amazingly talented performers. Some of the acts we saw were fire breathers, a lady who walked on glass, a creature so hideous it was hard to watch, amazing feats of body manipulation, etc. I won't give the show away but patrick and i were beyond impressed by the whole troupe. I hear tell that they're bringing more performers with this time around too!

I know it's a wednesday and a work night but you simply MUST go to this show! I will be there just a week out of surgery and everything :P

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