sifl and olly time!

I'm really back bitches!!

Oh man a lot has gone on since 2015!!! Most interesting of all is i'll be going to Australia in April of 2018!!!! I will try to keep this updated as a travel blog :) Follow me for photos, blogs, etc :D
sifl and olly time!

Tattoo convention etiquette question

Hey there ladies! I know it's been quiet lately but I'm hoping someone is watching the comm :)

Quick couple questions. I have a dedicated artist that I love in my home town. Thing is I am very interested in getting a Passion flower tattoo and have an appointment at a tattoo expo with an artist that I love! I like her style in this matter more than my current artist.

Is it considered disrespectful to go to another artist in this situation?

Second question - i often require touch ups but don't live near the artist doing the work. Is it ok to go to my normal guy for that? I would pay whatever to have touch ups, just concerned about the etiquette :) thanks as always!!

sifl and olly time!

Please vote for leeloo!

hey there everyone! if you have a second, and a facebook account, would you please take a minute and vote for leeloo in the publix paws contest? she would appreciate a five paw rating :D

just click or copy the link and like the app :) if it doesn't pop up with her picture click on the pet name, type in Leeloo and it should pop up with a kitty noming some watermelon :D thanks!
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sifl and olly time!

We just came to party down!

So tropical storm Alberto is out there bringing an early start to hurricane season 2012. Remember kids...stay safe, beer counts as water, and hunker down! Welcome to an early hurricane season Florida!!!!!

For all my fellow floridians....what is your fondest hurricane party memory? I actually won tickets to a show this year for mine!

I won a game of wet t-shirt bocce ball in the middle of a hurricane :) best party ever! It was the year of like 5 Florida storm hits and one passed right through Gainesville....can't remember the storms name though. Too many celebratory beers :P

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