The Wondrous Katie Kat (twilight_melody) wrote,
The Wondrous Katie Kat

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prayin for a position

greetings all! i hope everyone is stayin warm...especially those in the great north. i spoke to my chicago family today and it looks like chi town is coooooooooooooold.

an evidence custodian position opened up at my work. well, assistant evidence custodian. i qualify! it would be 4 grand more a year than what my salary currently is and it's more in my major than clerical data entry. keep your fingers crossed, i'm psyched!

well i'm off to pray i'm not getting sick and finish my taquitos :) wrap up in blankets everyone and hit the snuggle button!

gainesville - low of 22 tonight! all you local peepz prepare for the super cold!
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