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The Wondrous Katie Kat
28 April 1983
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In a little bitty nutshell, i'm a green bay packer lovin' criminal investigation studyin' kinda girl. i'm originally from the Chicago area (go go cubbies!) but i've been here for some time now. I spend my days hovering around local movie theatres, playing bocce ball, hanging out with friends, and working. :)

I recently got engaged (new years eve just before the clock struck midnight) and rang in 2011 with a pretty new ring and an AMAZING fiance :D we share our house with two cats. leeloo dallas multipass and her new little brother doctor livingston i presume. just one happy family :) yay for the future!

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Taurus is symbolized by the Bull. You may be stubborn, but your grounded, steady demeanor makes you someone others can count on. You're also a sensualist who loves good food, physical affection, romance and material goods -- and only the best of everything. astrology info fun!


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the "is love generator" is hilarious! try it out...apparently i love rum :P

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